Pre wrapped butter bursts, Grass- Fed, Organic Butter, Cinnamon, Cane Sugar

Cinnamon & Sugar butter bursts (ea)

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Experience the delightful combination of buttery creaminess with a pop of cinnamon. Balanced and smooth, this artisanal creation elevates your culinary ventures. Ideal for spreading on toast, stirring into oatmeal, or enhancing your baking.  But you can also elevate your dinners with the cinnamon spice goodness on chicken, pork and fish for a delicious Morroccan twist. Sizzle. Spread. Boom.

All Fireworks Finishing Butter products contain grass-fed butter, no antibiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides, and are rBGH free. 

INGREDIENTS: Grass-fed Butter (cream, salt),  cane sugar and ground cinnamon. CONTAINS: MILK

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