Grilled Veggies with Fireworks Butters

Roasting Vegetables on the Grill

Summertime is not complete without as much grilled fresh vegetables as possible. I love that there are so many applications to inspire creativity with both this cooking method and this genre of food. I’m here to teach and inspire you to break out of your comfort zone and try marinating the vegetables first, or soak then steam in a grill basket or better yet grill on a cedar plank to add an extra bit of smokiness.


One of my favorite summer staples is roasted asparagus on the grill. I love the way the char makes the flavor taste. I especially love adding Fireworks butters to the asparagus after it comes off the grill. My best luck comes when I toss it a large bowl, full stalk, and all. I add the butter and let it coat each piece. Then to serve, I place it on a warmed plate to keep the butter soft and melty. I love to finish it with a bit of Maldon flake salt. The crispy salt pieces add a delicate crunch, mixing salty with the sweet of the vegetable. It’s sublime.


I also love roasting carrots on the grill. These veggies, especially when straight from the garden have so much flavor. The grill does a great job of adding a hint of smoke to them. My favorite butter to add to these orange, white or purple stalks is the honey lavender sea salt. And again, I love to finish with the Maldon.


Our family loves eating and grilling corn on the cob too. My husband swears by soaking the whole corn, husks included, and placing them directly on the hot grill to steam it. The bummer about corn in CO is the wait for the good local stuff here. Olathe corn is famous in CO for its unbelievable sweetness that comes from hot days and cool nights in the growing region. It’s hard to choose just one favorite butter for grilled corn. They are all delicious for corn on the cob, however, Steakhouse, Chipotle Tomato, and Garlic butter are my favorites. Or try this recipe for a special Mexican Street Corn version.


A vegetable that might get forgotten are green onions. We have a plethora coming in all summer and fall seasons in our garden, so we take full advantage of grilling them, greens and all. For this roasted vegetable, I love Fireworks ginger miso butter on it. There is something about the spiciness in the onion that just goes well with miso and tamari.


I love grilling zucchini too. I could eat this vegetable with every meal in the summertime. I love that it takes on whatever seasonings you add to it so well. It is a quintessential summer veggie for adding to salads. As are peppers. My favorite are red, yellow, and orange grilled peppers. I think they get sweeter on the grill. My favorite butter for both of these is Fireworks Chipotle Tomato.


Two fun veggie hacks for meatless Monday are grilled eggplant and tomatoes with Fireworks Chipotle Tomato butter and Grilled Cauliflower Steaks with Fireworks Steakhouse butter. You can make both for main portions but all of these grilled veggies are amazing on their own. So easy and tasty! Sizzle. Spread. Boom.