2022 Cook Book Club

The older I get, the more impetuous I become. At the beginning of December 2021, I was sure I was done with cookbooks. I get into cleaning modes where all I see is clutter. I vacillate between using my phone, ipad or a real cookbook as I cook. Couldn't I just make the leap away from the bound books?

My husband and I like to eat well. We like to follow delicious recipes. Sometimes together but mostly separately. He buys me a cookbook for Christmas every year. I decided around the 15th of December of that year to give up on the cook book collecting hobby. I told him not to worry about picking one up for under the tree. I was done with the dust and disorder.

Low and behold on Dec. 25th , I unwrapped a gem. Ottolenghi’s Shelf Love as it were. If there is one cookbook author I'm known to emulate it's Ottolenghi. My husband knows me so well.

A week later I was in a new mode of thinking, "I wish I had some trusted vegan recipes." January is a bit of a detox month for me. After the glut of holiday cooking and eating I want to eat clean, kick the booze and focus on rest and rejuvenation. So I called my trusted book stores in town to see if I could find one of Oh She Glows books. I got lucky. Boulder Bookstore had a hardcover of the Of She Glows For Dinner. Just what I was hoping for! I'm always scrounging up meatless something for Mondays! Now I've got a treasure trove of Monday dinners up my sleeve. And two new winning cook books! 

Which is how Sarah and I came up with the idea of a cook book club. We can post our favorites to newsletters and social media and have our friends follow along. We'll post recipe hacks, ways to use up leftovers, and ways to add Fireworks butters of course! I guess a few new cookbooks won't add that much clutter.


Let the sparks fly. Sizzle. Spread. Boom.