5280 Magazine Mention

Big thanks to @5280magazine and @calliesumlin for the shoutout in their piece on crafting the perfect Tinned Fish Board with insights from local experts. 👏 👏

If you're eager for another excuse to indulge in bread and butter, consider diving into the 2024 health food trend – seacuterie! Say goodbye to bland canned tuna and hello to a flavorful journey of smoked and seasoned conservas, a Spanish and Portuguese tradition of preserving the freshest sea catches in oil, water, or other tasty liquids. Elevate your gatherings with these protein-packed treats arranged on a charcuterie-style board. 

Our Fireworks Chefs Butters made the saucy list, joining the ranks of fantastic local leaders like @theflouwerco, @merfscondiments, @therealdillco, @st.kilians and many more.

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📸 credit: @calliesumlin