Dreams do come true!

Many people don’t know that I changed careers in my 40’s. I had always wanted a life in food and entertaining. 6 years ago I set out to follow a dream to create a food product business.

In 2019, I won a prestigious specialty food makers award called the Sofi Award. I was humbled and delighted to be welcomed into a small group of national foodies in the industry. Our honey lavender sea salt flavor won Best New Product. I set a goal to win another Sofi Award. And you know what, I won another Sofi. This year!

I was shy about sharing; it happened a while ago. I went to New York to be there for pictures at the Fancy Food Show. There were others like me, shy, intimidated to be on such a big stage. And for others it was just another win amongst several.

The Jacob Javits Center is HUGE! My son was there with me. It was an awesome experience to share with him.

Creating something from nothing takes grit and determination. But also commitment, gratitude, community and acceptance that things are not always easy. We all can do hard things. And as my good friend Andy likes to say to get in anywhere in life, "Keep on Moving".

And whatever you do, take time to celebrate the wins! It makes the journey so worthwhile. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!